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February 02, 2017
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FAMILY AT HOME-Pacific Palisades, CA-Children and Family Lifestyle Photography

I had a huge aha reminder on this day. I'm so glad this beautiful family was all about capturing their new house as the backdrop for their images. They were a tad regretful that they didn't take any at their last home which they loved. And I totally get it. I was reminded that my favorite childhood photos were professional taken at my home. My brother and I were totally clowning around in a big tree that I'll never forget but isn't part of the landscape anymore. YAY to my folks for getting it done!

While you're going through the list of possible locations which I'll be helping you decide on, let's take a moment to consider home. Maybe you feel it, maybe you don't. And if you look over in the living room right now and see your kids watching tv or doing whatever they usually do at this time, snap a photo on your phone and tuck it away somewhere. It may just be that shot that reminds your son or daughter of that time in their life and they'll be so grateful. 

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